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Sometimes a little help is all it takes to have a life well lived.

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We support those in our community with developmental disabilities.

Community Supports & Services

Lafourche Arc provides Community Supports and Services through programs like:  New Opportunities Waiver (NOW), Supported Independent Living (SIL), Louisiana Children’s Choice (LCC) Waiver, Supports Waiver (SW), Residential Options Waiver (ROW), Personal Care Services (PCS)  

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Vocational Services

Lafourche Arc provides vocational services through a variety of program types including Day Habilitation, Center Based Work Skills Training, Community Based Work Skills Training and Supported Employment. Lafourche Arc has three vocational locations known as Grenier Industries in Northern Lafourche Parish, Signs R Us in Thibodaux, LA and The Plaisance Center in Lockport, LA.

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Residential Services

Lafourche Arc operates six community homes: four are located in Thibodaux, one in Chackbay, and one in Lockport. Each is home to six individuals with developmental disabilities. Three of these homes are ideally suited to assist individuals with physical disabilities, and all six homes afford safety along with opportunities for community integration.

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What is Lafourche Arc?


For over 50 years, Lafourche Arc has been devoted to enhancing the quality of life, opportunities, and choices for all people with developmental disabilities...


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