Leading Full Lives

Community Homes 

Lafourche Arc operates six community homes: four in the Thibodaux area, one in Chackbay, and one in Lockport. Each is home to six individuals with developmental disabilities. Three of these homes are ideally suited to assist individuals who have physical disabilities, and all six homes afford safety along with opportunities for community integration. 
Trained staff provide support in a supervised and structured environment geared toward teaching independent living
skills. Individual program plans are developed for each person based on their strengths, needs, and desires. Direct Support Professionals provide assistance as needed in personal hygiene, self-help, home management, social skills, money management, and other skill areas as needed. 
The men and women who live in the homes attend work on the weekdays either at one of Lafourche Arc’s vocational centers or at local businesses. Transportation is provided to assure that all of the residents have continued access to their community. They especially enjoy participating in many types of recreational and leisure activities throughout the year. 
Some individuals who live in the homes see community home living as a stepping stone to a more independent lifestyle. Others flourish in the group living environment and when given other living opportunities choose to remain living there, after all it is there home.